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Do you offer a digital option for photographs?

For a digital option, we offer a USB containing all your final photos (approx. 35-45) with rights to print. Priced at £375 this means each photo can work out to under £10 each. As photographing, editing, viewing the photos and ordering takes time and costs money as a business, we only offer all your photos digitally as this is the most viable option. To offer individual or smaller digital package offers wouldn’t be feasible for us as a business. We believe with our USB option it gives you the greatest flexibility with your final photos and the most cost effective. You are then able to post any of your images on social media, print them off at any size you’d like and make copies for friends and family.

When are your studios open?

We have two locations, Lowestoft town centre and Norwich city centre. Both studios are open Tuesday to Saturdays 09:00 – 17:30. Standard photoshoots and viewing appointments are booked in advanced however we also offer a walk-in passport and visa photo service.

Why do you request bare feet for photoshoots?

Firstly, we ask for shoes and socks to be removed for health and safety reasons. Socks worn on the studio floor can become quite slippery and with the occasional child running around or jumping, we wouldn’t want any harm to come to any of our customers. Shoes can also damage the studio floor or leave marks that cannot be removed. Lastly, being barefoot creates a more relaxing, natural feel for the photos and removes the possible distraction of brightly coloured/patterned socks.

How do you conduct your newborn photoshoots?

Our newborn photoshoots are one of the most popular we do here at Picture Studios. All our photographers are fully trained to conduct these special photoshoots in a safe and careful manner ensuring your newborn is well looked after throughout. Our newborn photoshoots are 1 hour long where we take a variety of photographs including classic nude poses, wraps and basket setups and lastly family/sibling photos. We ask our new parents to arrive at the studio 30 minutes before the shoot takes place as this provides the opportunity to feed and soothe little one and get them used to the studio environment. The more settled a baby, the smoother the photoshoot therefore we create a relaxed and warm studio setting to photograph in.

Why are we not able to view photographs online?

As a business we have always conducted 1-1 photo viewings in our private viewing lounges at our studios. This allows us to directly talk you through all the options we have available, from individual prints to packages and premium wall art. We try book this appointment in as soon as possible after your photoshoot so you don’t have to wait long to view your photos. These appointments are 1 hour in length so there is no rush and you can take your time selecting anything you’d like to order. Conducting 1-1 viewings also allows us to answer any queries you may have straight away and also show you different options with your photos in regards to colour story and product mock up examples. As we also offer an instalment payment plan, we can set this up with you in person and get you to sign the relevant paperwork without you having to make an extra trip to the studio.

What can I expect from my experience with you?

Our standard photoshoots are normally 30 to 45 minutes in length. We encourage you to bring along whoever you would like, the whole family, children, friends and even pets. Everyone is welcome! Within your photoshoot with one of our fully trained photographers, you will be guided through a range of different poses and set ups. We will also take photos with props either from our studio selection or with special items you’ve brought along with you and with a selection of our different backdrops and lighting. After your photoshoot we will book you in to come back to view your final photos at the earliest convenience. After you’ve placed an order, we will process this as quick as possible and inform you of when your items are ready to collect from the studio.