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Terms & Conditions

Picture Studios retains Copyright in all cases. All payments made to Picture Studios will be for time spent and typically the number of prints and products purchased.

The copyright to all images will remain with Picture Studios, and therefore any reproduction of any form without permission would be an infringement of copyright.

Picture Studios strictly protects its Copyright and any breaches may result in legal action being taken against all individuals involved.

Please respect our wishes and the law so we can continue giving our valued customers the service they deserve.


Picture Studios General Terms and Conditions

    • Picture Studios reserves the right to invalidate any special offers if a sitting appointment is missed and we are not notified.
    • Only one special offer / prize per sitting is accepted within any three month period, any vouchers must be presented at the time of sitting.
    • Gift vouchers / special offers are non-refundable, have no cash alternative and cannot be extended or upgraded.
    • Raffle prizes given to charity have no cash alternative and cannot be extended or upgraded. Prize is only valid for the original prize winning recipient and can not be sold on.
    • All customers must adhere to the safety information as stated on the customer information form.
    • Once a purchase has been made vouchers / special offers cannot be applied to the sale.
    • Sitting fees are payable before the sitting commences.
    • All prices are fixed and include VAT, packages cannot consist of images from more than one sitting.
    • All payments are non-refundable as stated in our explanation of rights.
    • Purchases will not be ordered until full payment is made.
    • Once an order has been placed, no refund can be given, although Picture Studios will endeavour to replace any faulty goods or goods that have been damaged by Picture Studios or their suppliers.
    • Delivery time for orders can only be approximated at 6 weeks; this is not guaranteed due to reliance on external sources and suppliers.
    • Customers will be notified when an order is ready to collect. In the event an order is not collected by six months from the collection date, Picture Studios holds full rights to dispose of the goods, subject to GDPR recommendations. If said order is disposed of, no refund or replacement will be given.
    • The return of any technically acceptable prints / goods cannot be considered on principal. No exception whatsoever can be made to this rule as we cannot be held responsible for individual tastes or expectations.
    • Viewing terms and conditions apply, as stated below and on viewing price booklet.
    • Enya’s Friends terms and conditions apply, as stated below and on Enya’s friends welcome letter.
    • Instalment terms and conditions apply as below, and stated on instalment form.
    • Our full priced and maternity package USBs will include approximately 35 – 45 images. These images are the finished photos from your photo shoot. You do not receive the unworked photos that are taken as the photographer will generally take around three shots of the same pose. Your final images are the best* image from that selection. The unused images from the session may be deleted once editing is completed. ( *Best is down to Picture Studios / photographers discretion based on a selection of things such as facial expressions and technical qualities of the image )
    • Whilst every care is taken at every stage of the photographic process, in the event of a camera failure, operator error, supplier failure, material failure, or process machine failure, Picture Studios can accept no responsibility for any losses, however incurred as a result of any such failure.
    • Copying of picture studios photographs without prior written permission is an offence and contravenes the 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act.
    • Picture studios reserves all rights and can choose not to undertake work for any member of public. The Managers decision is final.



Viewing Terms and conditions

  • The first viewing appointment booked in is free of charge, should you require to reschedule this then we must be given at least 48 hours notice. If the appointment is booked within the 48 hour window then this will be classed as a confirmed appointment. Rescheduled appointments out of the 48 hour window or classed as confirmed and any subsequent viewings  are charged at £10.00 each. All £10.00 charges are payable on the re-booking of your appointment and are non-refundable.
  • Full payment is taken on ordering which takes place at the viewing. We accept all major credit / debit cards or cash, unfortunately we do not accept cheques. Credit card payments are only accepted over £150.
  • We only confirm your images on our system for four weeks after your sitting date, however after this time they may still be stored.
  • Please allow up to six weeks for the arrival of your order to Picture Studios.
  • Prices may be subject to change without notice.


Enyas friends Terms and condition

  • The eighteen month membership starts from the day of purchase and expires eighteen months after this date.
  • Enya’s Friends membership and special offers cannot be used in conjunction with each other or any other offers.
  • There must be at least a three month gap between each sitting when using your Enya’s Friends membership or any other offer.
  • Only one free portrait will be given in any one sitting, the free portraits cannot all be redeemed at one time.
  • If an appointment cannot be kept for any reason then the studio must be informed within 48 hours of your appointment time. Failure to do so will result in the loss of the free sitting.
  • Free sittings and free portraits will not be exchanged for any alternative.
  • Images from each sitting cannot be mixed to form a package.
  • Picture Studios general Terms and Conditions also apply to all Enya’s Friends studio membership.


Instalment plan terms and conditions

  • 1)The minimum instalment amount must be paid per month.
  • 2) Instalment plan must be completed within six months of the plan start date.
    Failure to complete the plan within six months may result in your plan being cancelled. If an extension is granted this is subject to a £10 charge and any product price change since the plan start date.
  • 3) Purchase will only be ordered once the full amount has been paid.
  • 4) All debit card payments are subject to a minimum payment amount of £20 unless it is the final balance. Credit cards are not accepted for payments under £150.
  • 5) All payments are non refundable.
  • 6) If for any reason an appointment cannot be kept Picture Studios must be informed by telephone conversation or in person before 5:30pm of the appointment date and a new payment appointment must be made. A £5 administration fee will be added to the total figure owing every time an appointment is missed and we are not informed.
  • 7) Picture Studios must be informed if your contact details change during the duration of your payment plan.
  • 8) Once an instalment has been set up, the order cannot be changed to an order of lesser value unless a £25 service fee is paid.
  • 9) Picture studios reserve the right to cancel or void any instalment plan if the terms and condition are breached and all monies will then be lost. A £10 charge will be added to the instalment plan in the event that we are able to restart it.


Gift voucher and Gift experience terms and conditions

  • The voucher has no cash value and cannot be returned or refunded.
  • Picture Studios cannot be held liable if voucher is lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Voucher must be presented at time of sitting.
  • Voucher expiry date cannot be extended.
  • No Saturday spaces available for cake smash or newborn sessions.
  • Five days notice must be given to change appointment date.


An explanation of your rights as one of our valued customers

All portraits are undertaken at your request and as portraits are a personal product and have no resale value, replacements on purchased products may only take place under all the circumstances below:

  • The goods must have been faulty or damaged by picture studios
  • You must return the goods within 7 days of collection
  • You must supply proof of purchase
  • All replacements will be given in the same manner in which the goods were originally ordered.